Natural and heartfelt destination fine art wedding photography

Based on the South Coast of England, but regularly working across the UK and on the European continent, Victoria is known for her friendly & intimate photographic approach, using film for cinematic look for love stories and weddings. Her editorial approach is inspired by fashion photography past and present, conveying sense of chic sophistication, but with a real warm heart and familiarity.

Victoria is passionate about storytelling with meaning, using light to convey mood and to emphasise the beauty of the moment. Through working closely with couples, she captures couples intimately, unlocking love, kinship and connection.

Shooting predominantly with real film, her pastel toned fine art inspired photography and is happiest when with a camera in her hands, ready to spontaneously and creatively capture the moment in her timeless style.


Working with people is why I love being a wedding photographer. It's witnessing love and all the happy knowing glances, the little touches with fingertips and being able to see all those moments makes being a photographer a pure joy to me. I help my couples to relax with a gentle, kind approach and sometimes a little humour, showing how amazing and electric you all are as a couple. You have a special energy together and that's what I love to and live to photograph.

Being a lover of people I love being able to spread a bit of happiness, joy and warmth. It is my top priority to make sure you enjoy having me as your wedding or love story photographer. For me it's not all about geeky stuff behind the camera, it's actually all about caring about the time I have with you. What motivates me is love, and authenticity on camera whilst we explore beautiful locations for photographs.


Gentle and Relaxed fine art wedding photography

Relaxed fine art destination wedding photography

We are all beautiful, I genuinely believe that, when we come together and look into each other's eyes, or touch with our fingertips, it's an affirmation of love, beauty and kindness and these are all the values I hold dear and am absolutely thrilled to photograph. I recognise every couple is different, but it is tenderness that binds us all. That is why I am a photographer, it is much more fulfilling to work with people.

I love that my couples become good friends too, and this is something I truly treasure. It is always a joy to meet up with my couples who have had children in the intervening years or catch up over dinner. This is a truly special gift that I am grateful everyday for.

Venice, Italy fine art film wedding photographer

Passionate, friendly and warm wedding photography

I love all manner of beautiful styling with rustic flowers and foliage, prettiness is something that makes my eyes light up and stand there like a little girl gawping at the Christmas Tree on Christmas day! I never cease to have a sense of wonder at how gorgeous my couple's colour co-ordination is and I adore both pastels but also strong autumnal tones that reflect the season. It's these details that make my eyes light up.

I don't call wedding photography a job, it's a way of life, a way of sharing joy and kinship and a way of doing what matters to me most in life.