Being a hybrid photographer

Being a creative person isn’t about absolutes, and this is what being a hybrid photographer is all about. Whilst I am a wedding and family photographer that people hire for my ‘look’ that is light and airy (and I love it, it’s absolutely me), you know, sometimes even I lean towards the dark side!

This is no secret to any of my friends and anyone who talks to me about photography and the art of it all. There are a good few photographers who are on the dark and moody side that I also avidly follow and indeed have attended a few workshops that they have run.

This may seem peculiar as I’m not about to embrace the dark and moody effect for everything, what I enjoy is seeing how different photographers express a similar subject matter, and by looking at how that expression is made we can admire the qualities of light and how that affects the mood of a subject and scene.

With digital photography we have such power to bend and flex photos taken in any light in ways that were not really possible with film and indeed remains the case. I think in part this is the reason for the rise of the darker moodier look, because we can shoot handheld in situations where in the back in the ‘only film’ days more time would have been needed to shoot with a tripod or bringing in additional lighting.

This is where my hybrid approach really works so well for my style, because I know exactly when film is going to give me a result that will just sing, it will just have a depth of tone that I believe will just rock it. And then there will be times where I just know digital is going to give me the result in the time available which is going to keep my clients happy but is also going to make something possible without compromise on the final result.

What is so exciting is how this combination of mediums will develop my style in the future. I know that its seen that you’re either in one camp or the other, digital or film, light or dark – but why limit your creativity. We all feel different things on different days, within the same day, and sometimes using one technique, medium or aesthetic will not express that to its truest sense as we see it at that point in time.

There is beauty in all manner of expression, sometimes in the smallest things, how a curtain may flutter in the breeze, or how a makeup artists arm and brush casts a shadow on a wall, to how pretty a bouquet in the evening sunlight can look. This is the joy of what I do, and photography in general – there are all manner of interpretations and we have two amazing materials to make that all come to fruition.

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