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Creating a beautiful modern cohesive style for your wedding day

After my last blog post which went out on Sunday after a fit of pique on seeing about the 15th photos you must have from your wedding day article of 2018 from a major wedding blog, I thought I must blog something more positive! Because for some it may have come across as pretty heavy going towards the end. So here it is, how to go about creating a beautiful modern cohesive style for your wedding day.

I wanted to share some very positive guidance on how to create a cohesive style for your wedding day that is going to photograph beautifully, and also look stunning whilst allow your personalities to come through in your day. The first element is key!

Modern wedding photographer Almonry Barn Somerset

Beautiful classic and cohesive bouquet by The Rose Shed at The Almonry Barn

Whimsy! Whimsy?

Introducing whimsy into your wedding style

A little whimsy will include your personality in your day. Illustration © Beatrix Potter, fair use terms apply.

Why whimsy? Ok this is the part of your wedding day where your personalities can really come across in the styling. Whimsy is a little gesture towards something that is important to you, it can even inform where the wedding happens. If you were brought up on your parent’s farm, perhaps the ideal location for the reception is on your parent’s farm.

Or perhaps you introduce that history in a subtler way with providing wellington (gum) boots, or maybe you even rock them yourself.There’s something very charming about a bride in a stunning gown wearing Hunter boots!

Maybe your wedding stationery may include hints of something from your childhood, like a love of Beatrix Potter characters or Winnie the Pooh. All of these little elements can actually create a very endearing whimsical element to your day that will shine through and introduce your personalities and also what is you in a way that is isn’t heavy handed.

Timeless style

The next step to a truly gorgeously styled day is pairing down the elements to the key things, less will always be more. This includes having a moderated colour palette that draws out the same hues throughout your day. Everything from the flowers to the stationery, the buttonholes to the cake will follow this palette. The more you restrain your overall palette and choices of adornments decorating your venues and tables the more cohesive your day will look.

This isn’t a case of having to have a large budget, this is more about ensuring that what you do have is co-ordinated. Granted this takes an eye, but why not use Pinterest to collect your ideas. Classically restrained palettes may focus on ivories, whites, magnolias with lush sage and mint tones, but to change things up a single colour pop like a pink in that palette can add a sense of whimsy and individuality to the stylish nature of your day. A colour pop works well when applied sparingly on table place names, or within your stationery suite.

Beautiful wedding reception details Almonry Barn Somerset

Flowers are a deeply personal choice and with amazing vendors like Jennifer Pinder, The Rose Shed and Wild Rubus and many others, will reflect your personality. But when it comes to greens, florists, stylists and photographers have an entire language devoted to the description of greens. Olive tree foliage and eucalyptus, is a classic combination with pops of white, creams and peaches, maybe with a little splash of a colour pop providing a stunning uplift. This restrained palette when seen looks utterly stunning. One of the biggest stylist mistakes is to feel you need loud colours to fill a space and to give presence. For true style this is not the case.

Your choice of furniture for your reception for the wedding breakfast/meal is very important as well. The days of lycra covering chairs with chiffon ribbons is done for in the style department. Instead focus on natural wood, simple neural chair cushions and adorn your top table chairs with a little foliage or floral decoration to signify the happy couple’s place at the top table. Why not check out Wedhead who hire out a range of stunning wedding furniture and accessories for the style conscious couple?

Fine art wedding photographer at the Almonry Barn, Somerset

Beautiful Italian modern wedding style at the Almonry Barn, Somerset

Centrepiece flowers places in beautiful vintage glass vases or pedestal vases will give an air of sophistication. You should also ask your caterer/venue stylist if the top table can be set out with plates with the menus placed on the plates. This complete look and feel looks amazing in photos and the plates can be taken away swiftly once photographed if necessary. Your caterer and stylist will be super pleased because you will have even nicer photos of their creations to share with them.

Modern and cohesive styling with calligraphy stationery and menus

And finally for stationery, a very classic look is beautiful calligraphy. Why not get some beautiful stationery especially created by true artisan, such as By Moon & Tide, Gemma Milly, or Laura Elizabeth Patrick. If your budget doesn’t stretch to a suite for all your guests, maybe getting those nearest and dearest to you a beautiful suite for their keepsake? A beautiful hand calligraphic invite with addressed envelope alongside place names can look utterly stunning in photos of the suite and you will then have given out a true piece of family history in such a stunning keepsake.

I am also a big fan of modern style letterset stationery using big bold typefaces and simplicity in their design, harking back to the Swiss School of which I am a big fan of.

Final words

Keep it simple but with a little nod to whimsy here and there, as this is how you introduce your personality into the decoration without affecting the cohesiveness of your style. A restrained colour palette threaded through all the elements of the day will bring it all together, but you can introduce a single hued colour pop which can be sprinkled here and there to lift proceedings.

I have curated a Pinterest board of inspiration including some of the most gorgeous beautiful modern cohesive style for your wedding day!

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