Edinburgh New Town

Before I started to learn my trade as a portrait and wedding photographer I spent most of my time photographing landscapes and general travel photography. That hasn’t stopped since I became a wedding photographer, what has changed is I have less time to actually get around to processing the photos despite now travelling much more than I used to. Anyway, I have some lovely Edinburgh New Town travel photography for you to enjoy here.

Edinburgh is probably one of my favourite cities in the UK, closely tied with Glasgow. Sure I also like Manchester and London being the capital is special but Edinburgh always seems very homey to me, and it’s also the perfect sized city. Plus being Scotland’s capital it has plenty of culture.

Anyway, there are lots of parts of Edinburgh to enjoy but I took in a few of the sights of the New Town and Stockbridge areas which is just a beautiful Georgian part of the city. Its unifying features really make it a dazzling part of the city to explore. In some ways it reminds me of Haussmann’s Paris in its unifying vision and feel.  Anyway I hope you enjoy this Edinburgh New Town travel photography!


April 23, 2017


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