Love stories

Love stories and weddings

The result of three years of changes

The realignment

I have been working as a wedding photographer for a few years now and over time it is natural for anybody who is creative to change how they work, or indeed the natural progression of creativity finds new modes of expression. Certainly this is something that as occurred to myself in the past five to six years where I have moved away from pure documentary photography into a more stylised fine art style for which I am known for these days.

Of course the documentary side of me has never gone away, the look and content has morphed to what yo used in the portfolio today.

But I haven’t come to a standstill, and it’s very exciting that my future direction has become much clearer to me the longer I have worked as a wedding photographer. I have been taken some time out over the past year to really look at what it is I enjoy doing, what my unique interests and passions are. What is my voice?

Working this year in Paris, Venice, Verona and all of the UK has really given me the time and space to really think about my approach. It is not about incidental prettiness, it’s about love, it’s about what makes your love yours, it’s subtle and electrifying and life affirming!

More than anything I have come back to how important storytelling is to my photographic voice. I like to create a series of photos that almost look like stills from a movie. Of course any movie needs a story, and that’s what binds the photos together.

The clues have always been there, in fact my voice is melding what I enjoy outside of wedding photography and couple shoots and the likes, and putting the two together.

Another shift has been moving back in to using film more dominantly in my work. As a busy photographer it gives me back time to work more closely with my couples as I receive the photos back fully edited and ready to hand over to my couples, but also the look is just beautiful.

Love story sessions

Going forwards I am excited to say that I am taking commissions for love stories rather than engagement sessions. The latter is the de rigueur phrase for a non wedding couple shoot but I think this underplays what it could be and what I am interested in.

This means I still do engagement sessions, I just now call them love stories with an emphasis on the story telling.

Rather than a couple of hours in a very pretty place, we will work on a storyline before the shoot, something simple, a set of locations, the outfits that will complement you and your hand chosen places and accessorise if it means something to do so. Remember this isn’t about incidental aesthetics, this is about meaning and connection.

Love stories by myself will be shot mostly on film and will be authentic and natural as they always have been.

The locations are built into the storyboarding processing. Imagine a chalet overlooking the beach as you wake, and make coffee, and snuggle at the kitchen counter, wearing loose sweaters as you sit reading and chatting on the couch as those hot mugs of coffee steam. Maybe the wind howls outside rattling the shutters, or the summer sun shimmers dancing and sparkling through the curtains gently fluttering in the soft enveloping breeze. It will continue with snuggle and laughter as you run out on to the beach, finger tips aching to touch each other… and then reading each other’s deepest thoughts of each other in love letters as you tell each other just how much you mean to each other.

It’s not about staging specific shots, it’s a relaxed way to approach the engagement session or love story session as I will be calling them. Excited? You betcha I am!

I will be available for love story bookings around the UK and Europe, in cities, the mountains, on the moors and by the beach, in the hills and small towns and villages. Let’s work on a cinematic love story of beautifully shot moments that really say in photos I love you.


And so weddings. Really there isn’t much change here by the difference will be again further pushing the cinematic storytelling. In many ways this a slight return to more documentary but much more stylish than snapshots. We will work together to create the moments that are real but shooting them in such a way that it looks like stills from a movie scene. Often my couples have commented that their photos feel very much like this, but I will be strengthening that storytelling aspect even more.

I am excited to hear about all your wedding plans wherever they may be. Integrating a wedding with a love story session will give you something uniquely you and full of love.

My approach will always be relaxed and making everybody feel comfortable, capturing key wedding moments but always with a sense that when put together these are almost the stills from your movie.

It will be all about how amazing you are, how important your family and friends are to you. It’s about warmth, kinship, love and all things that make you content and settled in your soul.

So whether your story is in the Scottish Highlands or eloping on the Isle of Skye, maybe a city wedding in Venice, London, Paris or Berlin, or the love story starts in the dream country house in Suffolk or the Cotswolds, let’s create something unique that isn’t about having 1000 photos, but rather about 400 amazing photos that tell a beautiful meaningful story.


I and my second photographer where booked will still be using digital but film will be used as much as possible where the situation and timing is conducive. The end result is the same for all my couples, beautiful USB keepsakes full of high quality digital print ready files. Using film will add an authentic cinematic quality to the stories we create together.

I will be writing much more about this in the coming blog posts.

Over to you?

So if you have an idea for a love story of your own, want to explore what I might be able to create with you, all you have to do is get in touch with your ideas and your story. Prices start from £750.00 (as of March 2017).


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