I sit here in the perfect mauve of a Paris evening sky… Why is it I write my best things after a couple of glasses of red wine? I’m afraid to say that this evening I have done no such thing. In fact, I am practically being a saint this week as I have three back to back weddings this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Those words came from what is probably my first truly candid expressive Facebook post in the past two weeks…

I have just got back from Paris last weekend and working with some super talented suppliers created a couple of inspiration and wedding editorial shoots. I have always dreamed of being able to work in Paris. And what better way than to make that dream a reality?

I have built my business on incremental steps, but right at the very beginning I have dreamed of being able to work in France and Italy for weddings, as well as mainland Europe in general. Well this year I managed both! It is so important to have a dream, it gives you something to aim for in life.

I took some amazing gowns from This Modern Love, amazing florals from Gather & Bloom with Lancaster & Cornish ribbon, amazing stationery from Calligraphy for Weddings and rounded it off with another sparkly masterpiece from the London Victorian RIng Company. Curating these suppliers for an elegant wedding editoral shoot was just so much fun. Having seen their work first hand I was just head over heels that they all wanted to be part of the Paris adventure.

I used a beautiful Parisian apartment for interiors, the Luxembourg Gardens, the Eiffel Tower, Parc Monceau, and much much more. But there were so many locations I didn’t have time to shoot in this time around. When you walk around central Paris, around the amazing architecture, admiring Haussmann’s renovation of Paris, and its many grand Palais like the Palais de Louvre and…wow it’s just stunning.

I personally love the markets the most, seeing gorgeous fresh bread that hasn’t been labeled artisan because it just is and it speaks for itself is fabulous. As well as seeing all the fabulous in season vegetables and fruit… It was part of the reason I actually ate in most evenings because I had so many supplies from the markets to use up in the evening. It is a struggle but the Brie and walnuts doesn’t eat itself does it, nor the bread and the coffee…And the wine! Admittedly though one evening I did sneak into Carrefour to buy some tea as I fancied a good old English brew one day.

Its the combination of Gothic, Baroque and Rococo styles, the ambience, shop displays to die for, macarons that make your heart skip a beat — just everything about it really speaks to me. It will be wonderful to cover more weddings, elopments and editorials out in Paris and France as well as it alongside Italy has to be one of my favourite places to be in the whole world…although I do like my little home by the sea in Britain!

I’m really excited that I can soon share some photos with you but it goes to show that if you have a dream and you want to do it, there is little to stop you if you are determined enough.

And yes I did enjoy those couple of days wandering around Paris a tourist. I took a grand total of two rollls of medium format film (so 32 photos) and just spent the day enjoying the surroundings, the warmth, the food, the wine, the markets and just taking it easy. Not everything has to be about photos after all!

Paris vous etes une belle ville et je vais visiter très bientot! Au revoir mon ami! xx

Paris wedding photographer in Jardins du Luxembourg / Luxembourg Gardens

Flowers: Gather & Bloom
Ribbon: Lancaster & Cornish
Gowns: This Modern Love
Rings: The London Victorian Ring Co.
Stationery: Calligraphy for Weddings


May 9, 2017


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