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A love for the road trip

One of the greatest pleasures beyond the meeting of people and actual process of taking photos that my work creates for me is seeing the world. Even if the world that I see at the time is very local. I love seeing the world roll by driving through new places, even familiar places. There is something sweet, exciting and uncertain about the road ahead. And I combine this with photography, taking couples out into the wild, scenic and beautiful. I love road trip photography and adventures with couples be it in Scotland, Ireland, or anywhere in Europe.

I often think back on journeys and feel a sense of comfort remembering these places I have seen, little fragments that are inconsequential and also the grand vistas. One of the reasons I love photography is that it acts as the ultimate memory keeper in my world, I love being able to remember.

I’m always thinking about this time last week I was… And this time I am thinking about getting into my car in County Leitrim in Ireland last week and the sky is not such much grey but overburdened with lead in the early morning at 6am. Next stop Downpatrick Head in County Mayo to meet up with a wonderful couple (who will be featuring on the blog at some point in the near future) for an amazing road trip and exploration adventure around the West Coast of Ireland for a love story couple’s photo session shot entirely on beautiful film.

And so the inconsequential starts to fill my memory, like a rolling film camera, the Stereophonics on the radio, and onwards into the leaden skies, a windscreen beaten with rain and spray, just a bag of cameras and film by my side. Central lines slickly sliding by and towns frequented by locals going about their business, like it is only on show for me, but it’s not, this whole world has been existing just at the same time as me. Dry stone walls and rain blanched fields undulating with the sway of the road all passing by and the clock’s still ticking even though this road feels like it could go on forever and never hit the ocean.

All in one day, travelling these roads along the Irish coast, through the mountains and causeways, over the hills and by the waterfalls, life sliding by revealing all its wondrous joys.

There is a fabulous venue in Somerset in the South West of England, one of my favourites but one of its reasons is the journey there. Small little back roads, nothing more than what we call B roads or unclassified roads, across the flat plains of the Somerset Levels and it is beautifully still out there, it’s beautifully golden both in landscape in summer, and the cottages lining the roads are all beautiful yellow stone. All this life has been going on at the same time as me, as perfect green trees yawn and lean over the road, and always have done. I drive down this happy road, I drive down a leaden road, I drive down over the mountains through the scree and by the rivers and lochs and I think to myself…this world is an incredible place.

And this time last week, I was driving down the N59 to Ballina and Downpatrick Head for another road trip photography session in Ireland, through those little lanes studded with dry stone walls, into the wind and the great Atlantic Ocean and another adventure with a couple lays in wait, and I look across as I pull up, I look through the rain sliding down the driver’s side window and I see another excited couple through the glass. What adventures lie in wait for us today? Life is one adventure, and it’s a pleasure to share this love for road trip photography with couples…

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