Why is Style Me Pretty closing and what will the effect be?

The simple answer to what made you click is, nobody knows. Abby Larson may have more details.

But I am old enough and half way through (as I am almost 35, so that’s half of my three score and ten)  my life to know that speculation does nobody any justice, service or nor does it move things forwards.

There are many reasons, it could be financial, or what people mostly overlook is the burden of running one of the most adored wedding photography blogs out there. Can you imagine that relentless drain on a small number of staff that running a blog (as essentially that is what SMP was and is) day in day out. I struggle to write a blog every quarter, let alone every day.

So there has to be actually a great deal of empathy in our reaction to this.

The personal and team toll on running such an in demand website cannot be under estimated. News teams at CNN, BBC, The Guardian, The Telegraph etc. have staffers well nuanced and the depth to sustain a daily ‘news’ operation, and whilst Style Me Pretty doesn’t break news, nor update on a by minute basis, that human emotional toll cannot be ignored from why Style Me Pretty may or may not be closing.

A lot of vendors may be scared about how will my SEO rank be affected by Style Me Pretty closing? The answer is, if they stay online, immediately the impact will be little. Because Style Me Pretty has built the respect that Google (other search engines are availlable… such as Alta Vista…and Lycos…and Excite… oh hang on it’s not 1998 anymore…) requires to highly rank you by having a reciprocal link back to you. However in time this value will begin to fall as Style Me Pretty goes week after fortnight after month with no update.

But by then you will have been active on Instagram and other wedding blogs, right? That is the answer! Don’t look to one blog as the answer to all your business dreams, spread your wings – find other avenues and keep plugging away.

There is no doubt that I will miss Style Me Pretty, and millions of others will too, But there will be something else. Remember, the Commodore Amiga was an amazing computer far in advance of its time in 1985, but where is it now? We moved on. There will be another wedding blog that takes SMP’s mantle, and another after that…

People don’t stop wanting to be united in marriage, and neither will people stop wanting to celebrate that through our photos and our creations on blogs or whatever technology we develop in the future to share our stories.

I will finish up by saying this. If you’re a photographer or vendor you may be angry at the short notice, but possibly just think, there is someone somewhere (in summertime) driving home from their job today at SMP, having been given their notice, full of tears, fear for the future, a handful of caustic fingertips ripe with anger at how this could happen to them…Being made redundant sucks, and having been through it twice in my life I know it sucks, so I feel for these guys.

And my best advice to you if you are a photographer or a vendor worried about the effect of Style Me Pretty’s closure on your SEO rank, spare a thought for the humanity in this, and know that there will always be another avenue, and another after that, and another after that…


I mean so many people are getting wedding inspo via IG now that a blog is just too difficult to maintain. Writing articles, hosting, web maintenance, and all that business stuff is expensive. I would imagine they keep their IG profile though :)

Melissa Brewer

April 11, 2018

I think this is a lovely way to look at it! Social media is changing the way we get our inspiration and information SO much, and I'm sure it was (and is) incredibly difficult for the folks at SMP to make this decision. I hope that they are all able to find other jobs, and that whatever they pursue in the future is successful. I like to imagine that Abby and the rest of the higher-ups are pursuing a life with more simplicity, time for family, and pursuit of other sources of happiness. Knowing how hard it is to keep just my simple photography website open and how many hours I spend on it, I can't imagine the burden they must have had as the top wedding blog worldwide! I hope a lot more people read this post and react with grace instead of anger.

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