Dinnerly – My Cooking Partner

Hello, this is Jessica from Sydney, Australia. I used to live with my parents but then I decided to go alone to build my career. I shifted here to Sydney and started living here with a friend of mine. I got a job in a small company. My friend is also a working lady and we both use to come home at night. After all the work, the cooking procedure is very tiresome for us. We decided to find an alternative for that and ended up finding the Dinnerly Meal-kit service. We decided to try this service once and ordered a Chicken Burger recipe from them. Also, we found The Best Dinnerly Promo Code in Australia by which we got a 20% discount on our first order.

The meal-kit box was delivered to us with all the required ingredients and instructions to prepare it. The Dinnerly delivered all the ingredients fresh and clean. However, we washed them as it was written on the instruction card. One thing we liked about the service is their instruction guides. These instructions are given in 5 simple steps which we followed to cook our recipe. The steps were very simple like heating a pan, cutting ingredients, and frying it to make our burger. This taste was all mouth-watering and then we decided to subscribe to their weekly service.

Dinnerly Promo Code

As we subscribe to the weekly service, we schedule the delivery time and other required stuff. Then the Dinnerly started to send new and exciting recipes every day to our doorstep. The best thing we found about this meal kit service is that they change their recipes every week and this is what makes it the best affordable service in the market. These weekly changes in the recipes allow the customer to change their taste and don’t get bored with the same recipes every week.

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At the subscription, we use Dinnerly Coupon Code by which we get a $15 discount on our subscription. In the meal box, we got meals for 2 people and it only cost us $5 for each serving. The recipes are easy to cook and we can easily cook them to eat within 30 to 40 minutes. Thanks to the Dinnerly now we don’t have to go to the market to purchase ingredients and other stuff to prepare our recipe.

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Other than that, the company always strives to make their customers happy and for that, they offer a 24/7 helpline on which any customer can contact for any issues. Another note-able thing about the service is that you can cancel your subscription anytime you want without worrying about anything. The Dinnerly doesn’t bond you with any contract by which you have to stay subscribed for a year or months. However, whenever you are canceling your subscription, make sure to cancel it before the next delivery date otherwise you have to pay for the next meal you will receive.

For me, Dinnerly becomes my cooking partner and we are glad to find this affordable meal kit service. Now we don’t have to worry about the food after getting back home from the work.