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Being a student a lot of you might agree we are somewhat short on money. It is quite hard to maintain your budget and make sure you do not run out of money by the end of the month. I had a special condition since I was 13 years old and was severely allergic to gluten my entire life I had to stay away from gluten to stay healthy and away from hospitals. It became hard to maintain the same lifestyle at University as I was living away from home as well. But I’m grateful to the Dinnerly promo code, that it saved my life and became my knight armor.

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When I was living at the university campus, I was sharing my hostel with a couple of girls. They all seemed sweet and friendly and we got along really well. They used to offer me to go out with them to eat or share food with them but I was always telling them no. They used to see me eat only a few things but nothing so heavy to make sure my stomach was full. I was only eating to survive.

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I started losing weight as I was not eating well. One day I fainted in my room and I had to be taken to the hospital.

On arriving at the hospital, I was told there was nothing serious but it was only because of weakness and not getting enough food. It was then I told my roommates that I had a condition and I could only eat a gluten-free diet. Since I did not have any options around so I was starving myself to death. They yelled at me for not taking care of myself and promised me to find a solution to it. It was sweet of them to e concerned but I knew they would not come up with any solution. It was then one of them told me about the Dinnerly discount code.

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We were sitting in the hallway and discussing our group assignment when one of my roommates came running towards me and she hugged me first and then slapped me on my back. She told me about the diet meal plans that we have online and how did I not think of it earlier. I told her it would cut my budget if I order gluten-free meals every day. She told me to look for the Dinnerly discount code and also go through their website.

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I was surprised to know that they were offering adult meals for less than $5. Isn’t it shocking? I was surprised too to know that their meals were at such reasonable rates. I instantly ordered a meal for the trial and not only was it an authentic meal but it tasted divine too. Ever since then I have always ordered through them. I often place an order through Dinnerly student discount to make sure I get the best out of it. They also have a Dinnerly $100 off code right now, shop now to get this discount.